Help Send North-East Taekwondo Students To London!


A little piece up today folks, because the great North East Schools of Taekwondo need your help!

Compiled of students from all around Middlesbrough including the Teesside University club, the school need funding to aid their quests to get the hard-working students to the first ever English National Open!

They are hoping to send a huge team composed of Redcar, Markse, Saltburn out to Guildford, London for the open from March 21st to the 23rd.

The goal is £600 in 31 days to aid funding for coach costs and entry fees for the budding fighters wanting to take their Taekwondo skills to London!

Instructor Chris Black has encouraged people to get donating as this is a huge opportunity for these up-and-coming martial artists to compete in their first major competition ever.

Chris said: “We have now over 20 students training hard in the club and we have 10 fully funded entries so from the Teesside University student union, but if we could get the price down or funding this may allow a few more to attend.

“The student union are very happy how big we’ve become in such a short amount of time.

“I hope that things will grow and we are here to stay.”

Definitely a great cause to donate for.

They’re an awesome group that has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time.

In the student union, they’ve become one of, if not the, biggest martial arts club.

And these students deserve the chance to show just what they can do on a national scale.

The link to donate and help send these fighters to London is down below. Just click on it, donate and help the cause.

Facebook pages down below…

North East Schools Of Taekwondo:!/NorthEastSchoolsTKD?fref=ts

Teesside University Taekwondo Club:!/TeessideUniTaekwondo?fref=ts

Teesside University Students Getting A Kick Out Of Taekwondo


PREPARE TO FIGHT: Members of the club showing off their stances

TAEKWONDO developed from the oldest known martial arts in Korea, but it is still one of the most hard-hitting fighting styles in the world.

Taekwondo is a martial art that emphasises the use of your feet as well as your hands in ways to end a fight.

In Korea, taekwondo is loosely translated to “the way of the foot and the hand” based on the Korean definitions of these three phrases.

Tae – “to strike or break with foot”

Kwon – “to strike or break with fist”

Do – “way”

Taekwondo was officially  introduced as a martial art in Korea in 1955.

It would then go on to be a full-medal Olympic sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympic games, after being a demonstration sport since 1988.

In 2012 Britain’s Jade Jones actually won gold in the London Olympics for taekwondo, making her the only Brit to ever win Gold for the martial art.

Teesside University have started given students a chance to study in the fighting style of Taekwondo.

The Teesside University Taekwondo Club was introduced in October and his gained a lot of members in a short period of time.

The club’s instructor is Christopher Black, who is hopefully that the numbers will increase with time.

Chris said: “We are a class to learn and educate in moral culture and learning the correct techniques to become experts in taekwondo.”

“With the backing of the SU, we are pleased that the numbers will increase and generate more interest and bring people to the classes.”

“It is great as you are guaranteed new starters every fresher’s week and new student year so always good to have fresh blood in the class and encourage the last years students to step up the grades.”

Chris is a  ITF 4th Degree International Instructor & Examiner, who started training at aged 9 years old has been training for 27 years.

He’s spent 20 years of instructing the original art of Taekwondo and has been instructing at universities for more than 15 years.

He’s also achieved success in both European and World Championships and is a ITF International B umpire and referee.

Chris believes that with the strict syllabus fighters must learn, university students can digest it as learning comes a lot more natural for them.

Chris said: “I really enjoy the fact that University students are in the right frame of mind to learn and you do find that they progress a lot quicker than outside classes.”

“Advantage really in taekwondo is the legs famous for amazing kicking ability, and the power of taekwondo cannot be rivalled by any other martial art.”

“Also, we follow true moral cultures and taekwondo is not just about sport events and it is a way of life that hopefully any student will also take into their working and family life.”

Chris believes that it’s crucial for students to focus on the learning aspects of taekwondo initially.

Chris said: “You must always understand that you need to learn the basics first before can do the more fun side of any martial art.”

“The ultimate advice I would say remember your instructor has worked hard for his/her grades and though many years’ experience, learning and their own mistakes they are the best way to master a art form and take everything you can from your instructor but always appreciate and respect them.”

“I believe that anyone can learn taekwondo no matter what age, size, mobility and dexterity.”

Chris encourages students to get involved with the newly formed club and learn the art of taekwondo.

Chris said: “We are a new club and in only 6 weeks we now have 22 registered members which show the talent and fun they are all having already.”

“We would like to become the biggest martial art club at TU!”

“We are friendly and confidence building, so come along and give us a try!”

The club are also taking a few students to Derby University who are hosting  for the weekend with a 6 hour open sparring seminar with the World famous ITF Japan Head Coach Mr Hwang Su IL (VI Dan).

He is famous for the man who was modelled with light animation for the computer game Tekken.

This will be an amazing opportunity to train with the former World Champion and learn some amazing new sparring tricks.

The club is normally on from 7pm-9pm on Tuesdays at the Brittan Building. To learn more about the club you can visit their Facebook page here and the North East Schools of Taekwondo page for more information of schools around the North East and taekwondo clothing.